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Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow
Short Course

Death is an unavoidable part of the cycle of life, yet some of us do all we can to avoid thinking about it.

As we get older, preparing for the inevitable and communicating our wishes, makes things so much easier

for ourselves, and our nearest and dearest.

As well as the practical side of dying, there is also the emotional and spiritual side to consider. We need to give ourselves and those closest to us, plenty of time for calm, contemplative reflection. Such moments should help us see things more clearly, making it easier to take the necessary steps.

Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow is a series of 6 sessions, with each session focusing on a different aspect, giving members a chance to explore and consider each of the topics we will cover. Each 2 hour session includes a presentation and plenty of time for discussion and questions.

The dates and programme for 2025 :-


Read the comments from members who were on the most recent course .

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Willand Health and Community Centre

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Sue Hooper-Lawrie

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