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Learn to Draw - Short Course

Working in small groups of 4 or 5 and meeting in members homes, Learn to Draw provides an opportunity for members, who wants to learn to draw, to do so in a relaxed and friendly environment. Following a set programme members develop their drawing skills in supportive and unthreatening sessions which are continued at home with homework! This is to provide an opportunity for members to practice for at least 10 minutes a day.

These small groups of 4-5 members meet once a month in their small groups and then all together 2 weeks later to share their experiences, participate in a Draw Along and feedback about how they are getting on in order to  encourage and support one another. 

The Programme includes

  • Understanding motivation and expectations, Observation and consideration, Shapes / Textures, Shapes and Shading, Colours and Tones, Light and Shadow.

  • The Language of Art, Line Drawing, Focal Points, Rule of Thirds, Positive and Negative Space

  • Drawing techniques, Finding your own artistic style, Observing and Sketching

  • Reviewing and critiquing.

  • Proportions and Perspective

  • Reflection, Colour media, Inspiration, Ideas, Resources and What next?

Groups are "closed" meaning no one else can join them at this time. Anyone interested in the next  Learn to Draw course can join the waiting list and will be contacted when the current programme ends. 

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Sue Hooper-Lawrie

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